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Katy Perry and orlando bloom are they the real deal?

Since she has been in the spotlight Katy Perry has many relationships, eight to be exact if anyone is counting. Now she appears to be on the verge of adding a Mr. number nine to that list, Orlando Bloom.

There have been several sightings of Perry and Bloom together over the past couple of months.Reports have it that the Perry has even been getting to know Orlando Bloom’s five-year-old son. The two were spotted just a short while back in Hawaii holding hands and having intimate strolls together.

Katy Perry

Well, the news that really clinches the deal is that Orlando recently invited Katy to meet and spend time with his mother. When you bring someone over to meet mom it is the real deal. That’s a big step.

So now appears safe to say that Orlando Bloom is Mr. number nine for our Miss Teenage Queen.

But how did we get to number nine? Here is a short the timeline of relationships Katy Perry has had since 2005 that will help bring you up to date.

The first was Johnny Lewis, the troubled actor from “Sons of Anarchy” who had an untimely passing when he fell off a roof.

She next spent time with Travie McCoy. He is the former lead singer for “Gym Class Heroes” who had a big hit with the song “Billionaire.”

That was followed by a much-publicized relationship with Gosh Groban.

In 2010, she decided to settle down and got married to Russell Brand. That was short-lived and they divorced a little more than a year later.

A couple rumored relationships followed that were never confirmed. Katy was said to have been spending time with Baptiste Giabiconi, a French male model and then Robert Ackroyd, guitarist for “The Machine.”

Number seven on the list was John Mayer who she dated for just under two years. Was that a record?

Then she hooked up with Robert Pattison of “Twilight” fame.

That brings us up to current day and her blossoming romance with Orlando Bloom. So will Bloom be just another stepping stone on the way to number ten or is he Mr. Forever? Guess we just have to stay tuned!